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"Recently Transitioned and Was (the) Best Decision I Ever Made...The employees at Sovereign are dedicated staff that made my transition seamless! They went above and beyond to make everything go smoothly."

This review was originally posted on May 21, 2019 on the independent website 

You will have a battle tested group that understands that you wanted this move done yesterday!

Our transition team is truly a dedicated group of individuals. They really understand how important this is for you. They also understand and appreciate the delicate nature and complexity of this move for you and the importance of getting things done quickly and correctly. ​

So we promise you a collaborative approach in order to give you the highest probably of success and retention of your business. We get it. And we promise to treat this transition for you with the highest level of attention and respect.

This a general guide that describes the steps in the Transition process here for new advisors. All transitions follow a general guide here for organization and optimization. However, every advisor's transition is customized to fit their business needs as well. Click on the link to download the Transition Timeline today and let's start brainstorming what your ideal transition could look like with us.

What types of things can we customize for you?
Would you like to view our Transition Timeline?

Just a few examples would be: How accounts are opened; ie. whether you want all (or some) accounts opened by e-signature or paper signature, mailed or emailed. How your clients are contacted during your transition; ie. do you prefer all correspondence flow through you, or do you want our administrative staff to reach out to your clients directly when submissions for new account documents and such are required during your onboarding process?


You can maintain as much control, hands-on or hands-off service as feels right for you.

"I’ll admit I was totally scared of the transition but I was promised that it would go smooth and they really delivered. They actually care and it shows. From effective communication with me and my clients to some of them actually staying late making sure things were done correctly for me. The whole transition actually went crazy quick, much, much faster than I had thought and so much smoother than I ever could of imagined. I’m still actually a bit shocked...If you have a large book of business like me and want pros handling your transition...this is the place."

This review was originally posted on Jan 5, 2018 on the independent website 

"Excellent back office support which made my transition seamless. Everything that was promised during our negotiation has been delivered and the people at headquarters are amazing with everything that they have helped me with."

This review was originally posted on Mar 5, 2018 on the independent website 

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