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Minimal Fees

Our CEO has a story he often tells about his experience with being charged excessive fees. Spoiler......


It was actually the straw that broke the camel's back and what led him to start Sovereign!


So rest assured, we will never charge you excessive and unnecessary fees.

3 words... We Hate Fees!

Know that your partners at Sovereign are a group that are always on the hunt for ways to work with and use our leverage with partners to lower fees for our reps, not the other way around. We constantly reevaluate our structured contracts with outside insurance and technology vendors to ensure that we are able to provide exemplary service and support to our advisors while accessing all available discounts and cost savings opportunities in order to pass down the savings and value.

Continually Investing In Opportunity

We are continually investing in technology, research and any other resources that can contribute to your success.  You need it, we either have it ready for you or we go out and get it. Pretty simple philosophy.

Our mission is to create the framework and provide you with the latest tools that can help you grow your business and serve your clients at the highest and most competitive level possible. We wouldn't expect less, neither should you.

At Sovereign, you find knowledgeable, experienced people working every day to help you and your clients succeed. With great pride we say, when you choose our team, you gain a partner that is completely committed to your success.

Know that we are obsessed with providing our reps the best service possible. We understand the importance of being available and pride ourselves on being ultra-responsive with a ‘get it done yesterday’ attitude . We also are consistently investing in new resources and technology that allows us to do a job better for you as well.

Support, Responsiveness and Direction: Everyone Deserves Some.

Rest assured, someone at Sovereign will always be available to help you with your technology questions, brainstorm sessions for marketing and experienced advice with even your staffing needs. As well as any other needs that may arise while running a successful business.

Let's do something amazing together.

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