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Reaching out to NYC Youth

Every child deserves a safe place to

sleep and a book to read for a positive bedtime routine

Many of us here at Sovereign Global, including our CEO John Dragotta, are parents. As such we know how very important bedtime is for kids, offering a time for children to bond, unwind, and feel comfortable and confident before sleeping. A positive bedtime routine can help a child get a better night sleep, leading to better days, behavior, positive social interactions, and performance in school.

The Pajama Program is a nonprofit organization based in New York City, which recognizes this importance and reaches out to children living in shelters, group homes, and temporary housing.

Our team volunteered with the Pajama Program to hand out new pajamas and books, and to read them to the children. It was such a rewarding experience.

To find out how you can become involved with the Pajama Program visit their website:


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