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Bulls to Fight Breast Cancer

At Sovereign Global Advisors we value philanthropyand strive to combine what we do every day with that value. That is why when we send out requested informational packages, we donate $1 to breast cancer research and services for survivors of breast cancer. Our informational packages include: our company brochure, one of our representative's business cards, a company pen and our pink bull.

Every single pink bull received marks a $1 donation to Lucia's Angels, a local nonprofit that works directly with late stage women's cancer patients and their families here on Long Island.

Our donations specifically go to their "Lend a Helping Hand" Program, which provides funding to women and families with late stage women's cancers for expenses such as: babysitting, heating bills, health insurance premiums, automobile repairs, groceries, ambulatory trips, therapeutic massage, salon services, wigs, funeral expenses, and much more. They also arrange for support for patients and families through special events, counseling for children, manicures and pedicures, and other wishes or needs.

For more information on Lucia's Angels, visit their website:


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