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Educational Preparedness Initiatives in NYC

For children living in homeless and domestic violence shelters, with the start of a new school year comes opportunity for a fresh start and the dread of not having what is needed to succeed, such as backpacks, pencils, markers, and other school supplies.

In addition to the physical problems, there is an understood stigma often associated with living in a shelter, with children sometimes being bullied, left out, or simply feeling left out due to their circumstances. Ultimately, this disconnect can affect these children's socialization and school performance.

Thousands of children rely on the program “Operation Backpack,” which provides fashionable backpacks filled with supplies for grade-school children living in many of NYC’s homeless and domestic violence shelters.

One of the goals of this program is not just to provide what children need but to make them feel more a part of, by sending them to school with things the other kids were bringing. For more information on Operation Backpack or to donate, please visit their website:

After weeks of stocking up on specifically requested school items, President and CEO, John Dragotta, and many of the Sovereign Global Advisors team members, traveled over to Manhattan’s west side to hand deliver the boxes of supplies. This volunteer initiative meant so much to us and we are humbled to be able to participate in the aid of these children.


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