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In Response to Hurricane Harvey

At Sovereign Global Advisors it has always been our mission to have a positive impact in our communities. There are many causes that continue to hold a special place in our hearts. We've taken part in many volunteer activities and made donations for causes such as those for impoverished women, children, and animal welfare. The recent devastation in the Houston area from Hurricane Harvey has compelled us to reach out to the community there. Even 1,700 miles away, we hope to be of use through our donations, addressing two of the prominent needs the people of Houston are certainly now facing.

We made a donation on behalf of our company, split equally between the Houston Food Bank and the Texas Diaper Bank. If you are interested in volunteering or donating to the Houston Food Bank please visit their website: If you are interested in volunteering or making a donation to the Texas Diaper Bank please visit their website:

The Houston Food Bank was named Feeding America's Food Bank of the Year for 2015. The food bank is providing food to the Houston area during this devastating time in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Their routine community outreach also involves providing food to the community through their Keegan Kitchen hot foods program as well as distributing fresh produce, meat, and dairy products. The Senior Box Program provides a monthly box of food to low income seniors and other eligible individuals.

The Houston Food Bank also provides assistance through their CAP program, helping low income families navigate the SNAP/Food Stamps program. Another great routine program offered by the food bank is the Kids Cafe, a pantry that serves year-round food on weekdays as well as nutritional education to kids after school and in the summer.

We also donated to the Texas Diaper Bank, with our funds providing assistance to their emergency fund for those affected by Hurricane Harvey as well as for their routine programs. The Diaper Bank's emergency fund provides infant and toddler diapers and wipes to families with small children affected by the recent tragic aftermath, as well as provides adult diapers and other healthcare products to the senior community affected.

The Texas Diaper Bank is the only organization in Texas with a Disaster Relief program that specifically provides those affected by natural disasters with diapers. Their routine community outreach programs also include helping to meet the nutritional needs of families by helping provide formula and providing nutritional education. The Diaper bank also provides special needs youth and adults with incontinence products during the interim period for a Medicaid program. Their Family Care Connections is another great program that aims to help lift families out of poverty by connecting people with programs for continuing education, higher education, and job training programs while providing on-site child care services.

We are grateful to organizations such as the Texas Diaper Bank and the Houston Food Bank, as well as everyone that is coming to the aid of their neighbors each day and now in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. We hope our donation helps some of the many people in Houston who are in need of a helping hand at this time.

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