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Sovereign Global Advisors Continues to Give Back to NYC Shelters

The Sovereign Global Advisors team, in the presence of the company President and CEO John Dragotta, volunteered their time to serving at St. Luke's Lutheran Church Soup Kitchen. It was this time last year that the company had the honor to first serve a meal to the homeless and "it's humbling to have the opportunity to do so again," stated Mr. Dragotta. On Thursday, midday, the church transforms its theater space to feed the city's homeless population.

Before the line started to form and the food was served, John Dragotta made a pantry donation. Then, along with the Sovereign team, all hands were on deck. They prepped and served hundreds of hungry New Yorkers that were in need of something as simple as a hot meal. The Soup Kitchen is largely supported by the United Way, bread is supplied by City Harvest, whereas cash gifts and food items are made possible from neighboring businesses on Restaurant Row. A great deal of the success of the soup kitchen is owed directly to the church members, congregational budget, and commitment of volunteers and nearby businesses. From this, it has continued to provide food and clothing to hundreds of people in NYC's homeless population.

According to The Coalition for the homeless, the population of those living in shelters in New York City has reached an all-time high with close to 60,000 people, including more than 23,000 children and 75% being families. This number does not account for the homeless population not admitted into city shelters. St. Luke's Lutheran church accepts volunteers all year round for their soup kitchen and clothing bank. For more information on how you can help... please visit their website:

At Sovereign Global Advisors, we look for success in a very crowded financial advisory field by applying our extensive experience investing in opportunities around the world and managing investments for corporations and high-net worth families. We use an established blend of people power, industry savvy, and access to global markets to assist us in reaching our vision not only for our clients, but also for our company and community at large. Our success, this company's success, is undoubtedly intertwined with the success of all our clients. We will never forget this. For more information on Sovereign's services and philanthropy efforts, please visit our website:

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