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Sovereign Global Advisors takes Part in National Blood Donor Month

January is National Blood Donor month! This week, several members of the Sovereign Global team and their family members gathered at the Port Authority Blood Center in midtown Manhattan to do their part. After learning that donating just one pint of blood can save up to three lives, the group was eager to arrive at the center and make a difference in the community.

A short check-up and some minor paperwork were first on the agenda. The nursing staff were as friendly as they were gentle. The team was a bit worried about getting pricked, but the worst was over once the needle was in.

John Dragotta, CEO of Sovereign perspired a little bit, but a light-hearted nurse was on the scene to offer a cool compress. The bag of blood slowly filled as it rocked back and forth on a machine. The team indulged in free Oreos and grape juice to regain their strength after losing so much blood.

“We are more than happy to contribute to the cause,” said Dragotta. “It is a huge privilege to serve the community. We’ve already scheduled our second donation in March.”

There has been a shortage of blood donors due to inclement weather and the recent flu epidemic that has stricken most of the country. Blood centers are asking for O negative donors, the universal blood type, to brave the weather and come out and donate this month.

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