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"Working with the right broker-dealer
makes all the difference."

Our Story

   The Story About Sovereign

Our founder and CEO, John Dragotta, had a vision of what he thought a client focused, responsive, results-driven investment firm should resemble. After becoming an independent rep himself, and feeling that there were some things that should just be approached differently, he decided it would be best to just go it alone and create what he felt could be, simply a better broker dealer.

So at the ripe age of 25, with a healthy mixture of bravado and just enough inexperience to realize how difficult of a task he was about to take on, the seeds of Sovereign were planted.

Fast forward now to over two decades later, and Sovereign Global Advisors, is VERY PROUD to be the investment firm of choice for many high net worth families, corporations, and the most fantastic group of like-minded, independent reps. ​

If Interested, 

There's More About Mr. Dragotta's Story HERE


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