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Meet the CEO

John Dragotta, CEO Sovereign Global Advi

John Dragotta, CEO of Sovereign Global Advisors

Every good rep needs and deserves a Broker/Dealer that can actually help them achieve their goals, appreciates the obstacles they face daily and one that truly understands their business.

Coming into the Industry during the tech bubble madness was quite the experience. "Wow, I thought, stocks must go up $10-$20 per day all the time for no reason." Well, they did indeed, but only for about another year or so and then reality kicked in.

The next obstacle was unfortunately even more difficult to overcome though. It was the inability to get on the same page with the Broker Dealer that I worked with at the time…. and to me, this was unacceptable. 


Let’s face it, to be great in this industry it has to come from within you. But you absolutely must have the right Broker Dealer by your side helping you out, or it will always feel like an uphill battle. With this job, the regulatory environment we work in, the technology they are always trying to replace us with and the image they continuously paint upon us. 

At Sovereign we get our reps because we remember what it was like to be one. I remember vividly when I was looking for the right broker dealer to call home. It was frustrating and a little scary. Who are these people that I was going to be working with? What are their core beliefs about the industry? Their feelings about their reps? Would things change once I was on board? Would promises be broken? What will they actually be doing to contribute to my success? Do they invest back into their business? Do they invest in technology, in compliance, in research and in branding?


So with that said, I understand this is an important decision for you and I respect it. I want the greatest people around the world to be involved with Sovereign and I recognize that, without a doubt, our most important assets are our people.


So my promise to you, is that I will be sure, at all times, to be the best CEO I can be in an attempt to make Sovereign Global Advisors one of the greatest Broker Dealers you could ever possibly want to be involved with.

Let's do something amazing together.

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