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Are You the Engine of Your Firm?

Does your compensation match the level of value you bring to your firm?

If not, it might be time to move to a firm where you’re recognized and compensated for your efforts. A place where you can choose an independent business model that is flexible and customized to you and your business.

A Support Network to Help You Move Forward

What if instead of coming into an office where you find yourself feeling as if you’re ‘carrying’ everyone, you could be working at your own firm. What if while you were working for yourself you even had a full service, supportive network at your back?

What would that even look like? And what could that do for your production? Your business?

At Sovereign, we supply you with the tools you need to concentrate on bringing in new business for yourself and focus on supporting your existing clients.

We offer a variety of levels of support, depending on your particular needs as a rep and how ‘independent’ your business model is. We can help you maintain, grow, or begin your career as an independent rep by providing you with:

  • Dedicated Transition Support

  • Pre-Approved, Compliant, Marketing Materials from Sovereign Corporate Headquarters

  • Client Support

  • Phone Support

  • Compliance Support

  • Help Setting up an Office

  • Pre-Approved, Compliant, Website Designs for your business

Higher Payouts, Lower Fees

Part of how Sovereign ensures our reps remain happy is through our minimal fees and high payouts. At some firms, reps are seduced by high payouts but then watch as excessive fees strip their payout down to the bare bones. That’s not the kind of firm Sovereign is. With us, you know you have a firm that truly has your best interest in mind and wants you to succeed.

Are You Ready to Make the Move?

Manage your own Independence. You decide how much and what kind of support you’d like from us, and we’ll be there.

There for you, so you can

be there for your clients.

We already know you bring value. With Sovereign, you’ll be able to spend your value where it matters and where you’ll have the most impact. We are focused on our reps. We provide you with the support, tools and independent environment you need to reach your potential.

If you’re ready to make the move, reach out to us today. Call 866.790.9700

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