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Fun at the Huntington Fall Festival

Regardless of the rain that occasionally sprinkled on the heads of happy festival goers, this weekend was a wonderful experience of community pride and fun. It seemed as if all of Huntington and the surrounding area came out to enjoy the carnival rides, purchase the beautiful handcrafted items local artisans created, eat the delicious food small shops sold from their booths and learn about their community’s businesses and organizations. Taking part in this year's fall festival has been such a fun, rewarding experience.

The Huntington Fall Festival was filled with amazing artisans, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs. We had our tent in the thick of it.

Children flocked to our tent, enjoying our mini footfall game and spinning for a prize. Even the adults who came to talk shop about investment options and to see what we were about enjoyed spinning and winning a prize. The only requirement we told them was to, “embrace your inner child,” when spinning.

It was amazing to speak with so many families in the community many of us here at Sovereign Global grew up in, and which our CEO currently resides. We’re so very happy we were able to help spread some investment knowledge and let people know that we’re here to help them.

We want our community to know that we as an investment banking firm are here for them--whether they need to save for their children’s college, their own retirement, or to invest in a better future for themselves: we’re here to apply our know-how and drive to their investment goals in order to accomplish great things.

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